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Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling

Sometimes there is nothing broken about your fridge, despite the fact that it isn’t cool. These “easy fixes” are steps you can take to save yourself from an embarrassing conversation with a repair technician and from any unnecessary services fees.

The fridge isn’t plugged in.

It might sound silly but an alarming amount of people are quick to jump to conclusions without stopping to check if power is even running to their fridge.

The thermostat has been turned down. Again, this might seem like a no-brainer but trust us. Locate your thermostat and check that it is set to the appropriate temperature. The thermostat for side-by-side freezer/refrigerators is usually located in the back, while over-under units are more likely to have their thermostat under the fridge.

The door isn’t closing properly. Double check the doors and gaskets. Does the light in the fridge turn on and off when you close the door? If not, the door might not be functioning properly.

The cold air can’t circulate. If boxes of food are blocking the vents, cold air can be obstructed from circulating through your fridge. Organize your fridge or clear out some of the food that could be blocking airflow.

If these tips do not solve your issue, then give us a call. We would be happy to serve you and get your fridge back to standard. 305-930-7390

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