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Commercial Refrigeration Repair Miami

Having Refrigeration Issues? Is your refrigeration not keeping things cool? Don't lose your cool. Give us a call and we can give you an estimate on your issue. Most common refrigeration issues we repair. Power Issues Is your refrigerator not powering up? First make sure your unit doesn’t have a power switch that has been switched off. You should check to see if the power cord has been properly plugged in all the way to the outlet, as it may have been knocked out of place. If that still isn’t the option, then check if the wiring for the outlet and ground wires are active. The issue may be the power supply and not the unit. Use a voltage detector to make sure the outlet has voltage present. Temperature Problems with Your Refrigerator Are you experiencing problems with your refrigeration temperature? Is your refrigerator not cooling? Having your refrigerator keep food cold enough is a necessary process of the commercial appliance, and thus, you’ll need to address this problem quickly. and more! Give us a call 305-546-4543

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